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" I point my camera at your head,

where in fact I aim for your heart"

‘The Human Head’. It’s the first thing I saw. It’s the first thing I recognized. It’s the first thing I drew. It’s the first thing I have been loving ever since.


What can be more fascinating than the human face? It comes in all shapes, colors and configurations. No two faces are the same, nor can the same face be twice the same again.  There is always that mystery of an unknown thought behind a facial expression.


For many years now I have studied facial expressions from behind a camera. I can tell you that a simple change in the position of the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, chin, or shoulders always conveys a total different energy. I have never made two headshots where the look and feel are identical.


Thanks to my experience (or is it a gift?) I dare say that I’m a master at revealing people’s best facial expressions. I love to bring out your energy, your feelings, and your soul. I make your heart speak, and capture it for eternity with a simple click on my camera.


I’m based in Antwerp, Belgium. I do assignments all over Europe and in the Americas.

If you want to show your best YOU to the world with a photo, I’m your man.

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